By Lizzie Borden (USA), 1983, fiction, 80 min.
Lieu: Plateforme (Rotonde 1)

10 OCTOBRE 2017


Ten years after the social democratic revolution. The new order is established, but still equality  has not been reached. Being confronted with sexism on a daily basis and discriminated against in the labour marked, women – many of them queer and Black – organize and fight back. The ‘Women’s Army’ is founded.

Using the stylistic means of a documentary, Born in Flames depicts the feminist struggles in a post-revolutionary society. Consequently, the key protagonists are two independent radio stations, a group of white academic feminists representing an establishment newspaper and the Women’s Army as the militant angle of the movement. While the radio stations give voice to Black working class feminists and comment on the events of the revolt, the reporters in the newspaper fear the separation of the revolutionary movement. Nevertheless, the death of a leading Black woman in the custody of the establishment brings them together in anger and motivates the different positions within the feminist struggle to act.

Preserved by Anthology Film Archives with restoration funding from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and The Film Foundation.

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